by Giuseppe Nelva

In the past few days the developer of Dead Rising 3 Capcom Vancouver has published several career opportunity ads which confirm that the studio’s new and unannounced games could go multi-platform from the outset, as opposed to their latest title that was initially released as an Xbox One exclusive and only recently published on PC as well.

A couple years ago the studio mentioned working on a new zombie-less IP, and back in January this was confirmed by an older career opportunity ad, mentioning two games including the new IP. The second project was probably the PC port of Dead Rising 3.

The new ads give us more information on what the studio is working on. One for a Design Director specifically requires experience in “third-person action games,” showing that the studio is sticking to the genre of its previous games.

A second post seeking a Rendering Software Engineer is the clincher on the multi-platform bit:

“In this capacity you will have the opportunity to shape Capcom Vancouver’s rendering technology and create best in class visuals for our upcoming multi-platform games.”

The ad also mentions “Develop new features and technology for our cross-platform, multi-title rendering and game engine, data pipeline and artist tools,” and requires experience with DirectX or OpenGL, indicating that the developer is probably targeting both Xbox One and PS4 (not to mention PC, of course). It also seems that Capcom Vancouver is sticking with its proprietary engine Forge, which was used for Dead Rising 3.

Another ad looking for a Senior Gameplay Designer mentions “intuitive, highly-responsive game controls” and both realistic and exaggerated actions and reactions, on top of “addictive player capabilities and fun-to-face enemies.”

Finally, a fourth post for a Gameplay Software Engineer includes in its description the fact that the game will be of the AAA sort, and will feature combat and boss fights.

It’s worth mentioning that the new ads might not even be for the new IP, as in the meanwhile the studio could have started another project, which could very well be another Dead Rising (some of the descriptions above definitely seem to fit the franchise), but whatever it is, it’ll probably start off on more than one platform.

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