by Sehran Shaikh

Holiday Season 2014 is just around the corner, and we have some great games lined up to arrive on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and last-gen consoles, but in this feature article I won’t be talking about what’s coming in next three to four months, rather I would take a look back and see what has really happened in the past eight months.

Few games released during this period performed better than our expectations, however there are few games which were expected to be “Next Big Thing” in that particular genre but failed to deliver on all the promises. This feature is about three Overhyped new AAA IPs of 2014 which failed to delivered.


It came from the developers who gave gaming world the billion dollar franchise “Call of Duty”, Electronic Arts and Microsoft, in short all perfect ingredients to be ‘the next big thing’ in multiplayer gaming, it was marketed and overhyped like never before by the trio Respawn, EA and Microsoft: They called it “Call of Duty series killer, revive first person shooting genre and some other unrealistic things which never happened before”.


But the verdict of consumers was completely the opposite, Titanfall was not a great game it was a “GOOD” game, but not exactly an Innovative and Ground-breaking experience. Many gamers tag it as “It’s Call of Duty With Mechs”. Titanfall fell well short of its GOAL.

Watch Dogs:

Watch Dogs had a Show-Stopper reveal at E3 2012 and was followed by another astonishing showcasing at E3 2013. The hype among fans went beyond limits, and was awarded a tag “Top Competitor” of GTA V. However, just a week before its official launch, Ubisoft shocked the gaming community and announced a release delay of Watch Dogs to 2014 and cited the reason as “development team needs more time to deliver on the promises and polish”. The game was put under cover, and Ubisoft did not talk about it for months, this lead to numerous queries from fans: Did a game that looked astonishing at E3 2012/13 needed polishing?


After a long silence, Ubisoft finally re-revealed Watch Dogs in May 2014, but it was not the game which open world genre fans saw at E3 2012/13, instead of polishing, graphics received massive downgrades.

Watch Dogs showed lot of potential after its initial announcement but the dominance of GTA franchise in open world genre is so strong that other games need to do something really special to grab attention. A perfect addition to overhyped games and not delivering on huge promises.


Destiny was in making at Bungie for many many years, and like many other games, initial announcement was very well received by both fans and critics. After cutting their ties with Microsoft, Bungie made few press statements that caught gaming community’s attention, “we don’t want to make Halo anymore” and “we want to do our own things and not be tied down to large company”.


But for Destiny, they broke both these promises, fans termed Destiny as “Halo Clone” with few differences/upgrades and signed 10 yrs deal with Activision. Destiny received “Mediocre” game reviews because it failed to deliver on big promises from Sony/Activision and Bungie: “story/plot was almost non-existent, no memorable characters, no social interaction whatsoever between you and other online players, missions were repetitive, ridiculous and unbalanced PVP.”

The main reason for Destiny’s downfall was Overhype, it was all time high. I’ve almost never seen a new IP get this kind of hype. Right from the start, Sony hitched their wagon completely to this game, and was super hyped mostly for PlayStation 4, like if it was a new Messiah.


Why we should not lambaste publishers/developers for creating a over-hype, this is their job. These companies market their titles, create hype amongst fans etc and sell millions of units worldwide. We can’t expect an employee of Bungie/Ubisoft/Respawn/Sony/Microsoft or many others to take center stage and announce that “we’ve got a new game, it’s not best game or going to revamp/re-define the genre, but I think you’ll probably enjoy it”? That’s not going to happen.

Just keep your HOPES and HYPE level in check. Titanfall, Watch Dogs and Destiny all sold millions of copies worldwide, and these companies have made $$$. Definitely, in a couple of years we will be seeing sequels to these games, and you people will again so on blasting it as a terrible decision as previous installment/original title didn’t perform as expected and everyone hates it, but still the sequel will sell millions of copies worldwide. Once again we will discuss among us the same old thing “HYPE, HYPE, OverHYPE” and other non-sense things. FULL CYCLE will continue. So, keep your HOPES and HYPE level in check.

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