by Saad Dada

Sony has had unbelievable success with the PlayStation 4 since it launched back in November of 2013. Microsoft launched the Xbox One a week later, and has been playing catch-up ever since. In order to keep up with the competition they knocked $100 off the cost, making a Kinect-free model to match the PS4’s price. And while the Microsoft exclusive ‘Titanfall’ did good business, it didn’t have enough of a major impact in taking down the Japanese juggernaut.

But now the Seattle-based software giant has paid $2.5 billion to acquire Swedish company Mojang, the creators behind the popular videogame ‘Minecraft’. Could this be an attempt to one-up their Japanese rivals?

‘Minecraft’ is a hugely popular game but it doesn’t quite match-up with the likes of ‘Grand Theft Auto’, ‘FIFA’, or even the‘Call of Duty’ series. However, its popularity has allowed for it to be released on all consoles. It’s a fun game that appeals to all ages and requires creativity because one is able to create structures out of 3D cubes.

According to The Street, ‘Minecraft’ is “a kind of digital Lego without an instruction book – a building game where players construct their own world out of blocks, making anything from a forest to the Eiffel Tower”. For now, the game will continue to be available on all major platforms including Microsoft’s arch rival the Sony PlayStation.

However if Microsoft does decide to make Minecraft an exclusive title, it could possibly gain momentum over Sony. According to Eurogamer, the title has sold a staggering 54 million copies on all platforms (as of 25th June) and a landmark 100 million users were registered as of February this year. The fan base will no doubt want to get their fix, and if it’s not available on the PlayStation that could give Microsoft the upper hand. But even with the exclusivity, Sony has some major franchises to turn to. ‘God of War’, ‘Uncharted’ and upcoming exclusives like ‘Driveclub’ and ‘The Order: 1886’ offer limitless potential.

This generation consoles look to be more focused on hardcore gamers considering the PS4 was made to be a dedicated gaming machine. Xbox on the other hand went the ‘all-in-one entertainment system’ route with their Xbox One. And while Minecraft may prove to be a worthy purchase, it still may not be enough for them to match Sony’s lead.


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