by Owen S. Good

Over the past few years, hardware modder Ed Zarick built a number of “Xbook 360” laptops, at about $1,000 each, on commission. When the Xbox One launched, his fans wondered if he’d come up with a portable version of that console as well. He has.

This is the “Xbook One,” comprising a 22-inch Vizio 1080p LED monitor, a slot-loading front-facing disc drive, and 3D-printed components. Zarick stresses no enhancements have been made to the Xbox One but, of course, modifiying its hardware in this way completely voids the unit’s warranty.

The Xbook One will work with a Kinect sensor (not shown here.) He’s accepting commissions, but Zarick expects a $750 nonrefundable deposit, and even if you provide your own console the job is going to run in excess of $1,100, with shipping. If you don’t have a console and want an HDMI out port, it’ll go over $1,500. Each unit will take about two to three weeks to finish, Zarick says.


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