by Giuseppe Nelva

This morning Warner Bros. announced that Batman: Arkham Knight will be a PS4 exclusive in Japan, but didn’t mention if said exclusivity would be permanent or temporary.

Apparently, it’s a rather permanent affair, as Microsoft was forced to remove its official page dedicated to the game, which still scheduled the Xbox One version for 2015 for a few hours after the announcement. You can see it above for the posterity. Now it simply leads to a broken link.

But that’s not all: Ubisoft Japan also opened today the registrations for the Japanese beta of The Crew, and the publisher announced that the testing will be done exclusively on PS4 as well.

For the moment the game itself is still mentioned as multiplatform for PS4, Xbox One and PC locally, also confirmed by the official site, and hopefully for Japanese Xbox and PC fans it’ll stay that way.

The removal of Batman‘s Xbox One page several hours after the announcement certainly begs the question on what happened behind the scenes, especially since Microsoft publicized the game during the console’s presentation conferences just a couple months ago.

Did Warner Bros. fail to notify Microsoft about the exclusivity decision in time, or maybe the timing of the announcement was decided to avoid influencing the console’s local launch last week?

Most probably, we’ll never know.

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