by Chris Pereira

Activision is offering an enticing offer for Destiny that will be of particular interest to anyone who hasn’t yet invested in an Xbox One or PlayStation 4. For a limited time, buying a digital copy of Destiny on Xbox 360 or PS3 will entitle you to a free digital copy on Xbox One or PS4.

The deal has very few catches–you simply need to buy the game (or season pass) by no later than January 15, 2015. Because it’s a digital copy you have to buy, there won’t be any way to then give your old game to a friend, which is likely why Activision is willing to offer this.

The last-gen version you buy dictates which current-gen version you can upgrade to. In other words, if you buy the PS3 version, you’ll only be able to get the PS4 version, while the same holds true for Xbox 360 and Xbox One. Either way, upgrading to a current-gen version won’t prevent you from continuing to play your last-gen copy. And because your progress transfers between platforms (within the same console family), you won’t leave to start over when you move from PS3 to PS4 or Xbox 360 to Xbox One.

Should you choose to buy the Limited Edition or Ghost Edition, both of which include the game’s season pass, you’ll be able to download the DLC content for free on PS4 or Xbox One after upgrading. The same holds true for buying the season pass on its own.

The process for downloading your free Xbox One or PS4 content is straightforward, and simply involves browsing to the game’s page on either console’s store while logged into the same account that made the purchase in the first place. The exact process is explained here.

Destiny launches this coming Tuesday, September 9.


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