by Damian Seeto

Respawn Entertainment released Titanfall earlier this year and it was well received by most people at the time. Now the developer will be “moving on”.

Titanfall released in March for the PC and Xbox One. The game came out a few weeks later for the Xbox 360 as well. Since its release, Respawn Entertainment released three DLC packs and supported the game for a good six months. However, things are winding down for the game as the developer will be moving on to bigger things soon.

OXM had a chance to speak with Titanfall’s Community Manager Abbie Heppe recently. She explained some cool new modes are coming to the game very soon. She also promised the game won’t be entirely abandoned, but there is a “certain point” where you need to step back and move on to “do other things”.

There had been some concern with gamers that Titanfall had already been abandoned by its own players. People have expressed on NeoGAF and other forums that they’re having a hard time finding other players online. The game’s community is okay on the Xbox 360 and Xbox One, but the PC community has been quiet so far.

With Respawn Entertainment now moving on to possibly develop Titanfall 2, it will be interesting to see how many players are left still enjoying the original game.

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