by ‘Brandon’

The Wii U is a small system when compared alongside the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, even though it has been out far longer than either combined. However, Nintendo is losing support, as more developers have vowed to cease development for the console until more interest is gained. It appears Nintendo intends to support the console still, as they’ve got 14 new Wii U games launching within 2015 for the system. 14 doesn’t sound like many, but it’s 14 more than they had already.

Nintendo UK announced the following games will release within next year:
•The Legend of Zelda
•Xenoblade Chronicles X
•Devil’s Third
•Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker
•Yoshi’s Woolly World
•Kirby(working title)
•Star Fox (working title)
•Mario Maker (working title)
•Project Giant Robot
•Project Guard
•Mario vs. Donkey Kong (working title)
•Mario Party 10
•Art Academy (working title)

We see a lot of Mario in there, unfortunately. Personally, I believe that to be one of the reasons Nintendo’s console isn’t doing too well. The Japanese company focuses far too much on their original titles, like Mario and Zelda. Yearly releases bring fatigue within the gaming world, and no franchise has seen as many releases as the plumber has.

What do you think, does Nintendo stand a chance next year?


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