by Giuseppe Nelva

A demo of the upcoming Xbox One exclusive Quantum Break was showcased at Gamescom, but fans did not get a chance to actually play it. There are, though, a few lucky individuals that can already play parts of the game, and between them there’s Microsoft Studios Global Marketing honcho Aaron Greenberg, who apparently has a running code at home and tweeted about it.

“Playing Quantum Break after work tonight, so much fun!! Thanks @remedygames #LoveMyJob”


Answering the inevitable questions from the fans, greenberg gave his impressions:

“So much fun to play, fans are going to love the game. Looking and playing great already.”

Asked by another fan if the graphics are “insane” he indeed confirmed that they are, and then some:

“Super insane… i am hyped Tim!!”

The demo showcased at Gamescom definitely looked impressive, even if my fingers were itching to steal the controller from the hands of Sam Lake when he was demonstrating it behind closed doors. Unfortunately (or luckily) my self control held, so for now we’ll have to be content with Greenberg’s impressions.


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