by Jason Schreier

Sony tells Kotaku they’ve “made progress” toward solving a PS4 glitch that has prevented some users from buying or playing games on their new PlayStation consoles.

The “CE-33945-4” glitch, which was reported by PS4 owners on NeoGAF and the PlayStation forums, prevents users from playing games or accessing any other services on the PlayStation Network, including Netflix. Though the exact causes of the glitch are murky, some users determined that it may be triggered by pre-ordering a digital game on the PlayStation Network and then canceling it through Sony customer support, which leads to some sort of database error.

This one’s brutal: people getting CE-33945-4 say they can’t play anything.

I reached out to Sony earlier this week to ask about the error. Here’s a Sony rep:

“We are aware of this account issue that has affected a very small number of users. We are currently investigating the cause of the issue and have made progress toward a possible solution.

In the meantime, if you do run into this glitch, try rebuilding the database on your PS4, which some users say fixes the problem.


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