by Giuseppe Nelva

Apparently a few wires were crossed at Sony, and the company is now sending e-mail messages to customers that pre-ordered inFAMOUS: First Light mentioning that their pre-order has been canceled due to a “technical error.”

While we don’t know the magnitude of the issue, at the moment, it definitely seems quite widespread, as shown by multiple reports springing up on Twitter, NeoGAF and Reddit.

The problem seems to be limited to European customers for now, and Sony Computer Entertainment promised in the cancellation notices that they would still receive Fetch’s costume offered as a pre-order bonus regardless of their pre-order’s status.

Those affected haven’t been charged, and strangely, in multiple cases, they are reporting that they still see the game in their download list, and the release count-down is still working.

For now, if you pre-ordered the game, you may want to check your mail for possible cancellation notices.

For those that did not pre-order the title, it’s still available as usual on the PSN marketplace both for North America and Europe, so this seems to be affecting only past pre-orders. In any case, we’ll keep you posted if Sony gives more relevant information about the nature of the issue.

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