the division

by Sehran Shaikh

Ubisoft showcased Tom Clancy’s The Division at GamesCom 2014 but not to the general public. It was a behind-closed doors demonstration on Xbox One. How exactly was the demo? We finally have an impression and it is coming from an insider source—Justin Robey, Senior Producer on Sunset Overdrive, Ryse: Son of Rome and Scalebound.

Justin Robey via Twitter stated:

“Saw The Division running on Xbox One. Jaw dropping gorgeous. Steam and environments were unreal. Gameplay also looked to be solid. Sold!”

He further clarified Tom Clancy’s: The Division demo was indeed running on Xbox One and it went from dashboard to in-game, and he is not circulating fake or made-up information:

“Not messing with you at all. It was running on Xbox One. It went from dash to in game.”

Also, an insider source from “misterxmedia” who goes by the handle “forza_maniac” stated that he had an exclusive talk with developers of Star Citizen, Far Cry 4 and Assassin Creed Unity.

According to Forza_maniac, Ubisoft confirmed to him that Tom Clancy’s The Division demo was running real time on Xbox One and it was “frickingly Jaw Dropping”.

Forza_maniac’s conversation with Star Citizen developer was on topic of DirectX 12. He asked them whether DX12 is going to be a big deal or it is some PR talk by Microsoft considering the fact that Xbox Division Boss Phil Spencer himself stated it is not going to be massive?

Surprisingly, Star Citizen developer replied that Direct X12 is going to be very Big Deal, especially on next-gen GPUs and CPUs and gave an example that it basically upgrading Old Slow Car with Fast Super Car.

“Believe us my friend IT IS A VERY BIG DEAL.ESPECIALLY ON NEXT GEN GPUs and CPUs.It is like upgrading your old slow car with the latest,fast super car.Yes IT IS A BIG DEAL.”

As a proof of his conversation with these developers, Forza_maniac shared the following images.

164873_original  165209_original

165480_original  165775_original

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