by Danielle Riendeau

Wowhead.com, a World of Warcraft database site, found an NPC called “Robin ,” in the data for the upcoming WOW expansion Warlords of Draenor. The NPC is associated with a 3D model that looks an awful lot like “Genie,” the chatty genie that Williams voiced in Disney’s popular animated film, Aladdin. The model appears to be a djinn. There are two other Robin NPCs, also coming in with patch 6.01.

The character’s presence appears to confirm the story last week that the beloved actor (who died on Aug. 11) would be immortalized in the game. Genie is one of Williams’ most well-known performances, and Aladdin one of Disney’s highest grossing films of the 1990s.

WOW super fan Alix Hope — also known as The Sha of Happiness — found the model a fitting tribute to the actor and his love of games:

Sha of Hope @ShaofHappiness
“The new @robinwilliams NPC for @Warcraft, from @wowhead. Fitting. In tears.”
7:10 PM – 20 Aug 2014


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