by Gaf Hussain

With each iteration of Uncharted, Nathan Drake appears to looks slightly different. He originally was compared with Nathan Fillion, leading to rumors (or more like hopes) that the Firefly actor would eventually play the treasure hunter and adventurer Nathan Drake in a movie. However, in Uncharted 4, Nathan Drake looks like a different person yet again, and he looks more like a famous Hollywood actor. Could Naughty Dog have done the same thing they did with The Last of Us and accidentally create a main character that looks like a real life actor? Or are they doing this intentionally so when a film is announced, they already have an actor who slots right in?


We couldn’t help but think that Nathan Drake from the PS4 version of the Uncharted series has a striking resemblance to an actor, and the feeling stuck with us over the past few weeks until it dawned on us. Doesn’t Nathan Drake now look a lot like actor Jeremy Renner? What do you think?


There still is no release date for Uncharted 4 and we eagerly await an announced by Sony, but it looks like holiday 2015 will be likely.


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