by L.W. Barker

Gameplay—what a concept. When did we lose our focus on it and let resolution take its place? We may never know, however, this concept of resolution is a waste of our hard earned time.

I’m a so called “old school gamer”, and back in the day, games were played for their fun factor. In the 80s and 90s, Nintendo and Sega’s gaming machines dominated our living rooms as well as the Arcades, and it was the gameplay that made them great!

Fast forward 20+ years—games are sadly bought and played not for their fun factor and overall gameplay, but for how they look. As long as a game has nice, 1080p graphics, and is running at a smooth 60fps, its deemed to be great—no matter if this same game’s plot and overall gameplay sucks to all Hades! It makes absolutely no sense to base the quality of a game on its resolution. It’s all just over hyped media BS that needs to be thrown out the window.


I’m the proud owner of a Xbox One, a PlayStation 4, and a Wii U. I also own most of the consoles of the past—SEGA Genesis, Super NES, Turbo Graphics 16, 3DO, Neo Geo, Xbox, and PS3, just to name a few. But focusing on this current generation—games such as ‘Tomb Raider: The Definitive Edition’, played side by side on the PS4 and the Xbox One look exactly alike. I do not see ANY difference in graphics on either console.

The same goes for the Wii U—resolution does not matter! Nintendo knows this, but somewhere along the way, that knowledge was lost to us. Now the Wii U’s current and upcoming strong line up of quality games will no doubt garner it the strength it needs to get a firm grip on its sagging sales.

So let’s throw resolution out the window and focus on gameplay. For as gamers, its our memorable acts of living numerous “lives” and  “saving” countless worlds that really matter.

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