by L.W. Barker

Capcom’s producer duo Yoshinori Ono and Tomoaki Ayano provided some interesting information about the upcoming PS4 exclusive Deep Down, its engine Pantha Rhei and even the possibility of a chapter of the Street Fighter franchise on PS4, as reported by Bahamut’s Crazy Arcade. Ono-san explained that with the release of PS4 and the increase of the number of platforms available, the development burden has increased as well, with different target demographics for each platform. But Capcom has its own structure to develop the best games for each platform and its specific target.

For instance the upcoming Deep Down for PS4 is dedicated to hardcore gamers, matching the PS4′s features and visual fidelity. Although development is not easy, Capcom is gradually mastering the characteristics of that segment of customers. They were also asked if a future installment of the Street Fighter franchise would use the new Panta Rhei engine that powers Deep Down. Ono-san explained that Ultra Street Fighter IV uses the older cross-platform engine MT Frameworks.

For the development of Deep Down on PS4 they’re using Panta Rhei, but the new engine is being tailored around the game, and the current primary goal is to complete Deep Down itself, so the engine is not yet finished and its current engine is not suitable to fighting games. Yet he also added that if there’s demand for it, the development team will enhance Panta Rhei to suit the requirements of fighting games. Considering the realistic graphics showcased by Deep Down, it’s actually hard to imagine a Street Fighter game developed with the same engine. However, we’ll see if Panta Rhei will be up to par in that field. Capcom Senior Manager of Technology Management Masauru Ijuin definitely seemed to think so in a recent interview.

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